Exide FBI0-12BI14L-A2

Exide FBI0-12BI14L-A2
Product Specification
Exide FBI0-12BI14L-A2:

Exide Bikerz:

Capacity (AH) 10HR (REF): Bikerz 2.5, Bikerz 5, Bikerz 7, Bikerz 9, Bikerz 14

- Quick start and high reliability ensures trouble-free service.
- High performance, exclusive grid design, paste technology and alloy formulation enhances durability and reduces corrosion.
- Special separator (synthetic pulp bonded with glass mat) with low resistance prevents active material shedding and acts as a shock absorber.
- Sulphate retardant formula protects against detrimental effects of lead-in-through during idle storage, thereby enhancing life and performance.
- Strong and durable polypropylene container with additional reinforcement protects against shocks and bumps.

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