Exide Little Champ 150

Exide Little Champ 150
Product Specification
Exide Little Champ 150:

Exide Little Champ:

REF C20 CAPACITY (AH): Exide Little Champ 35, Exide Little Champ 65, Exide Little Champ 150

Little Champ is a unique factory-charged, ready-to-use battery. Powered by an Advanced Hybrid Technology, it is best suited for temperatures in India, unlike most other untried entrants in the market. With a rugged design to withstand bumps and vibrations for heavy duty applications, Little Champ gives you that much needed edge on Indian roads.

- Unique features and superior technology: Advanced Hybrid Technology that is best suited to withstand the high temperatures prevalent in India
- Ready-to-use for all terrains: Factory-charged batteries with a polypropylene body, ensures optimum performance in any weather condition. Corner reinforcement ribs added to the rugged design container, help to withstand bumps and vibrations for heavy-duty applications
- Corrosion-resistant: Specially designed Radial Positive Grid prevents corrosion, thereby enhancing the life expectancy
- Vibration-resistant: A dual plate separation (PE + GM) coupled with a rugged design container enables the battery to withstand high vibration and reduces the possibility of premature failure
- Splash and spill-resistant: Built-in anti-splash guards placed at the top vented lid fitted with coin flush vent plug for all battery types upto 150Ah and dome type special side vented (Omega) cover design fitted with Venturi type chamber cover for 180Ah batteries
- Enhanced safety: A rugged grid profile ensures good cranking power and endurance. Moreover, effective fume arrestors are placed on the vent plugs to ensure complete safety
- Easy to handle: Slot in lids for the 32Ah and 35Ah type of batteries, a butterfly handle for 65Ah and 80Ah batteries, a retractable handle for 88Ah and 100Ah batteries and a moulded handle for 130Ah, 150Ah and 180Ah batteries
- Expanded Negative plate with adequate Surface area for Automotive Types and specially designed Cast Radial Negative Grids with Large surface Area for CV applications

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