PV Panels / PV Modules

PV Panels / PV Modules
Product Specification
PV Panels / PV Modules:

Kundan Singh and Sons is amongst the largest, most experienced and reputed solar photovoltaic & thermal companies in India. We design, supply, build and operate solar photovoltaic (PV) & thermal systems and plants varying from KW scale to multi - MW scale. All the projects are designed and integrated as per guidelines of Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE) and also as per the best global practices. The systems are designed to meet diversified needs- from rural electrification to powering urban growth areas, defence outposts to banking centres, residential apartments to industrial complex - in all sectors, we offer the most efficient and innovative solar systems along with attractive government subsidies and finance options.

We deals in following Solar Power Systems

On-Grid Solar System
Off-Grid Solar System
Grid Tied Solar System
DC Solar System

Component of the Solar Power System

- Solar Panel
- Solar On-Grid Inverter
- Transformer
- AC/DC Isolator
- Monitoring Systems
- Mounting Structure
- PV Array Boxes
- Cable and Accessories

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