Exide IT 750

Exide IT 750
Product Specification
Exide IT 750:

Product Summary of Exide Invatubular It 750 200Ah Inverter Battery

- User friendly,  Tubular Technology
- 200 AH, Tall Tubular
- 800-1000 cycles at 80% DOD
- Desired Life: 5 to 8 Years
- Can withstand overcharge better
- Thicker Plates.
- Low Maintenance.
- 48 Months Warranty

Exide InvaTubular Features

- Heavy duty applications, frequent power cuts
- Conforma to IS 13369 to 1992
- Acid volume per ampere hour is 30% more than that of ordinary tubular batteries.
- Better resistance to abuse compared to tubular batteries
- High quality polypropylene containers have excellent resistance against impact and abrasion
- Vent plugs trap escaping vapour and gases reducing evaporation of water
- Common Side Venting
- Occupies less floor space, totally new look
- Less pollution, environment friendly
- Electrolyte level indicator
- Ensures consistent quality
- Very long life, Tower type design, It acts as a coolant and also ensures very low maintenance
- Heavy duty tubular plates providing excellent cyclic life with deep cycle capabilities
- Deep cycle design, Ironclad
- Resistance to abuse
- Electrolyte level indicators help easy identification for timely water top-up

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