Exide Invatall

Exide Invatall
Product Specification
Exide Invatall:



Features of Exide Invatall

- New generation Inverter battery with Taller Plate couple
- Appealing look: New look Tall battery with improved cosmetics.
- Thick Plate Construction with special paste formulation & high surface area suitable for deep discharge during long power cuts.
- Enhanced life: Robust design prevents Corrosion in Positive Plates which in turn lowers the degradation rate & enhances Life expectancy.
- Optimized Alloy System - Suitable for deep discharge application.
- Reliability and Durability - Positive Plate wrapped with Glassmat & Negative Plate enveloped with special type PE Separator to reduce paste shedding & ensuring reliability and durability.
- Quick recharge from a state of deep discharge for hassle free functioning during frequent power cuts.
- New Float Assembly with click fit Top Part - Battery grade distilled water can be poured without opening the Float Assembly - more user friendly.
- Lug Type take-off & fasteners - Batteries can be easily connected to the circuit.
- Easy Handling - Rope Handle with partial plastic encasing.
- Unique Ribbed Design Polypropylene Container and Cover offering enhanced mechanical strength and durability for safe operation.
- Ready for commissioning - Batteries supplied in factory charged condition.

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