Exide High KVA UPS Range

Exide High KVA UPS Range
Product Specification
Exide High KVA UPS Range:

Description: 2KVA   24V  to 10KVA


- Primary Power Back up source for Industries, Corporate Offices and BPOs
- Provides reliable back-up for Office Equipment such as Computers, Projectors, Printers, Scanners and Fax Machines etc.
- Widely used in banks, multiplexes and shopping malls
- All Motor based applications such as AC, Fire Pumps, Water Pumps, Compressors and other 3 Phase critical motorized equipment Water Coolers and Deep Refrigerators
- Petrol Pumps, Fuel Dispensing Machines
- Emergency and Transportable Power Systems
- Gym /Health Equipment

Features of Exide High KVA UPS Range

- DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based Pure Sine Wave Industrial UPS and Grid Quality Power same as Mains
- ASIC (Automatic Sense Intelligent Control) Technology - Automatically senses battery condition and adjusts Charging Current accordingly and thus increases battery life and minimizes water topping.
- Smooth operations of AC motors and other loads unlike the irritating noise that comes from Modified Sine Wave Systems
- Extremely low Total Harmonic Distortion (<3%)
- Electronic Changeover ensuring compatibility with Computers
- Special TDR (Time Delay Relay) output option, for compressor based applications like AC a Short Circuit protection in Mains mode
- Capability of Surge Load up to 300%
- Very less operating cost in comparison with Online UPS and DG sets
- Equipped Bypass Switch to avoid the problems during system failure in higher ratings
- Suitable with DG sets
- Programmed inbuilt Cooling Fan which operates automatically when needed
- Multi Color LCD Display

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